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King Charles deprives siblings of fortune left by Queen Elizabeth: report


Prince Andrew has expressed reservations after learning he has nothing left of his mother’s £650million fortune, according to a report on express.co.uk.

The publication reported that Princess Anne and Prince Edward would also have “some resentment” at not receiving an inheritance.

He said as working royals Anne and Edward are supported by the Sovereign Grant, Prince Andrew is ‘baffled’ he has no money as he has lost his security and accommodation funded by taxpayers when he stepped down as a member of the royal family.

The Daily Express reported that the Duke of York complained to friends.

A friend of his told The Sun on Sunday: “I guess he’s checked and there’s no will. He’s desperate. He’s a family member, for God’s sake. “

What does he want to do? Go hat in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head?

The report says King Charles is now in full control of the royal purse strings. He said he was not required to pay tax on the money and had so far avoided distributing any to his younger brother.

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