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King Charles’ denial of inheritance to Prince Harry ‘exacerbates’ rift with William


Experts warn that the decision not to bestow an inheritance on Prince Harry once King Charles becomes monarch “further exacerbates the already canyon-sized rift that exists between William” and him.

Royal expert and commentator Daniela Elser made the revelations.

Ms Elser started the discussion by praising Queen Elizabeth for her ability to ‘negotiate a number of unique tax arrangements applicable only to the monarch’.

They included an agreement “that money which passed directly from one sovereign to another would not be subject to 40% inheritance tax”.

According to New Zealand Herald, “And that, of course, has huge possible implications for a Prince Harry, whose brother, Prince William, could therefore very well inherit everything from Charles.”

“This legacy situation only further exacerbates the already canyon-sized gap that exists between William and Harry when it comes to moolah.”

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