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King Charles coronation ‘absolutely in chaos’ due to Prince Andrew’s latest decision


King Charles III’s coronation plans have reportedly been thrown into chaos by his younger brother, Prince Andrew, who has reportedly decided to launch a legal battle against his accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Britain’s new monarch is set to be crowned on May 6, with plans for big celebrations. But experts say Andrew’s reported decision to launch a legal bid over Ms Giuffre’s allegations may still be the thunder of the King’s big event.

The Duke of Sussex is said to be building a warchest to confront his accuser. Royal author Angela Levin thinks the coronation will “absolutely” be thrown into chaos.

She told The Sun: “It seems very strange. I have no proof. But people who feel resentful could take on King Charles. The nastiness really is beyond imagination.” She continued: “I don’t even know if he and Harry go together.”

“Andrew is out of control – who’s guiding him on this?” Ms Levin asked before adding: “I think Prince Harry has been trying to crush the Royal Family in a way since Meghan arrived.” And on whether the Sussexes would appear at the event next May, she said: “I hope they don’t.”

The coronation of the king and queen consort will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, according to the palace announcement.

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