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King Charles clashed with Queen Elizabeth by evicting Harry from Frogmore Cottage: expert


King Charles’ decision to evict Prince Harry from Frogmore Cottage went against the wishes of Queen Elizabeth, who tried to keep the Duke of Sussex on board, royal expert Dr Tessa has claimed Dunlop.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: “”Britain’s response to the news has, on the whole, been joyful. On some level, the vitriol is understandable.”

The expert said: “Prince Harry had just thrown several verbal hand grenades at his family and the former institution to which he belonged. But he did so from a position of weakness, on the outside, in the pain and feeling left out”.

She added: “A confident, broad-shouldered monarchy would have weathered the storm. With a coronation around the corner, the king has bigger fish to fry.”

Dunlop said: “In evicting the couple from the late Queen’s generous gift of Frogmore Cottage, King Charles goes directly against the late Her Majesty’s conciliatory style.

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