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King Charles’ ‘army’ trying to debunk Prince Harry’s claims?


King Charles III – who has completely ignored claims by his son Prince Harry – has allegedly allowed his ‘secret army’ to retaliate against the Duke of Sussex.

There is “little evidence” of palace sources seeking to attack the defiant prince since his memoirs hit bookstores around the world, according to a US news site.

The media is vigilant enough to hear the reaction to Harry’s recent high-profile interviews and the publication of his autobiography Spare, the best-selling non-fiction book of all time.

Particular attention is paid to whether any potentially embarrassing accounts have emerged from royal insiders. It follows that Stephen Colbert asked the Duke: “Do you think there is currently an active campaign from the rest of your family, from the Royal House so to speak, to undermine this book and you?”

To which Harry replied: “Yes, of course, and mainly by the British press…”

When asked again if he was ‘aided and abetted by the Palace’, the Duke replied: ‘Yes, again, of course. That’s the other side of the story, don’t right? After 38 years, they told their side of the story. This is the other side of the story.”

Of the response in the UK, a CNN analysis notes: “The reality is not so black and white. To be sure, several UK newspapers still frequently run follow-up headlines using commentator soundbites.”

According to the same outlet: “There appears to be little evidence of a coordinated effort by an army of unnamed Palace sources, as Harry has claimed, to debunk his grievances. And, of course, there is always a radio silence from the palace each time the book is picked up.”

The royal family does not respond directly to Harry. Instead, they continued their royal duties as usual. The monarch appeared heartily laughing with members of the public during the same week.

On the same day, William and Kate were all smiles as they visited the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital and mental health charity Open Door in Merseyside, northern England. When asked by an audience member if they were “hurt by the comments in Harry’s book”, they did not respond.

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