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King Charles and Prince William will welcome Harry at his coronation, astrologer predicts


Prince Harry, in his recent interview, appeared showing interest in attending King Charles’ coronation in May as he said ‘the door is still open and the ball is in their [Royal Family’s] to research.”

An astrologer has predicted the Duke ‘could attend the coronation’ if he had ‘learned from previous fallout’.

Patrick Price, an astrologer who specializes in tarot reading, looked to the stars for answers and spoke to Express UK about his predictions for the couple, saying it’s likely the Duke of Sussex will be at the coronation if he has “learned from previous spin-offs”. .

He said: “When considering whether the Sussexes will attend the coronation of King Charles and Camilla, it is essential to pay attention to what will happen on their planets around May.”

“We see the South Node representing the life lessons and wisdom in Harry’s third house which governs mind, intellect and decision-making. This could mean that Harry’s decision-making at this time may be very logical and could take into account lessons learned from previous family spin-offs,” he added.

“It suggests he may seek to act accordingly, keeping strong family approaches and potentially seeking to avoid further conflict, in which case Harry and Meghan could attend the coronation.”

He claimed: “When considering whether an olive branch will be extended to the couple of their royal parents, Neptune passing through the first house of King Charles is an interesting aspect to consider. Neptune is the planet of ‘forgiveness’ and the first house represents the self.’

“It may allude to Charles leading with a forgiving heart in his decision-making and may even mean he wishes to make amends with his son and daughter-in-law.

“Sometimes Neptune in this position suggests that healing and forgiveness is the top priority for the person concerned, so it could also imply Charles making this his main conquest of 2023 to mend relationships between royals.”

“The possibilities are endless, but it seems like they could find their income by engaging with their creativity and pouring it into some form of artistic outlet.”

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