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King Charles absolutely ‘recognizes and appreciates’ the role of Kate Middleton

King Charles feels ‘very lucky’ to have Kate Middleton in the royal family

Britain’s King Charles feels “very lucky” to have his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton in the royal family, royal expert Katie Nicholl believes.

Katie Nicholl said OKAY! that Prince William’s sweetheart is key to ‘stability and continuity’ for the Royal Family in 2023 after claims by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their Netflix docuseries.

She said: “Kate Middleton has a close relationship with her stepfather. There is tremendous warmth between them and mutual respect, and I know Charles feels very lucky to have Kate in the family.

The royal expert went on to say: “He (King Charles) absolutely recognizes and appreciates what she (Kate Middleton) brings. She is a huge asset and no one sees that more than the king.

“It’s been a time when there have been a lot of flows and transitions for the Royal Family and I think promoting that image of continuity and stability will be a big focus this year.”

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