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Kim Kardashian Mocked For Buying Princess Diana’s Iconic Cross Necklace

Kim Kardashian Mocked For Buying Princess Diana’s Iconic Cross Necklace

Kim Kardashian has made headlines after buying an iconic piece of jewelry, a stunning purple diamond cross necklace, that once belonged to the late Princess Diana.

According to TMZ.

The former Princess of Wales donned the necklace in 1987 at a charity gala in London, pairing the jewelry with a stunning purple outfit.

However, social media users were not impressed with The Kardashians star acquiring Diana’s necklace.

“God she really thinks buying shit is gonna make her ‘adjacent’…her thirst is real y’all…her thirst is real,” one social media user wrote according to OKAY! Magazine.

“The thirst for icon status can’t be matched,” one tweeted while another wrote, “I’m pretty sure this STILL won’t elevate him in esteem of anyone.”

It comes after Kim received heat for allegedly ruining Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, which she wore to the 2022 Met Gala.

“She’ll damage it somehow like she damaged Marilyn’s dress,” one user wrote, pointing to the controversy that she ripped the dress off after wearing it.

“Kim K will never be as influential as Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana,” one fan joked while another said, “She owns MJ’s gloves and hats, Janet’s ‘so’ jacket, and has ruined Marilyn’s dress… Kim k is the definition of a culture vulture.”

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