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Kate Middleton ‘stomach ache’ after Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ attacks


Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly have ‘stomach aches’ after Prince Harry’s scathing comment about them in his explosive memoir Spare, revealed royal sources.

The Duke of Sussex released his highly anticipated and highly explosive memoir Spare on January 10 to a thunderous response amid explosive allegations, including one in which Harry accused William of physically assaulting him in 2019.

And now royal insiders have claimed William’s wife, Kate Middleton, was furious at Harry’s comments and even blamed him for the severing of her bond with William.

Talk to Speed ​​cameras online, a royal source revealed: “”Kate doesn’t even recognize this person Harry has become. He betrayed his own family and broke confidences by speaking out.

The insider also shared that while Kate wants King Charles to respond to Prince Harry, she understands the importance of keeping quiet.

“The Royal Family’s response to the stabbing in the back of Harry was to say nothing – but clearly they are thinking of Kate’s world and are on her side,” the source said, also sharing that Kate and Prince William are now “stomach ache”. the fallout of harry Spare.

Prince Harry released his explosive book on January 10, and it quickly became the best-selling memoir of all time, selling around 1.4 million copies on its first day.

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