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Kate Middleton leaves royal fans confused with latest move

Kate Middleton leaves royal fans confused with latest move

Kate Middleton left royal fans a little confused as she failed to curtsey to King Charles during the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Prince William’s sweetheart reportedly skipped the curtsey to the King and Queen Consort Camilla, and royal fans noticed something unusual.

According to Checklistroyal fans were a little confused when Kate Middleton greeted the monarch but did not curtsy as she always does.

The publication revealed the reason why the Princess of Wales skipped protocol.

The report, by The mirrorclaims that royal protocol dictates that Kate, along with other female family members, must curtsy to the king and queen consort but “they only have to perform the act the first time.” they see them every day, which could explain why Kate didn’t today.This suggests that Kate must have seen her in-laws earlier before the official event, which started at 2.45pm… It’s unclear how the royals spent the morning, but Kate and William traveled to the capital from Windsor so they may have dropped in on the way.

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