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Kate Middleton described as the backbone of the royal family


The future of the royal family is “pinned” on Kate Middleton and her role as future queen – the same as her late mother-in-law, according to palace insider Paul Burrell.

The Royal Family will not survive without Princess Kate because the future of society “rests with her”, Princess Diana’s former butler has claimed.

He said Prince William’s wife was in an “incredible” position as the Royal Family “would crumble without her”.

Paul, who served Kate’s late mother-in-law Princess Diana for years, believes the family’s future “rests” on the shoulders of King Charles’ eldest daughter-in-law.

Kate – who became Princess of Wales after her husband William was given the title of Prince of Wales by his father, King Charles, who ascended the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth – has similarities to Diana.

“Kate is in such an amazing position because it’s all really up to her, the future is up to Kate and it’s a huge responsibility because if she decides she doesn’t want to be part of her marriage anymore, then I think the royal family would fall apart. It’s all pinned down by Kate, the future is backed by Catherine Middleton and it’s amazing,” Burrel said on behalf of Slingo.

“In my day, the future seemed to rest with Diana Spencer, our future Queen. Now we are looking at another Princess of Wales who plays the same role as Diana, married to a Prince of Wales and the future of the monarchy depends on It’s not an enviable position.

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