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Kate Hudson Says ‘Oh No, Canceled’ 8 Years After Dan Cook Called Her His Worst On-Screen Kiss


Kate Hudson has opened up about her best on-screen kiss and reacted to an eight-year-old comment from Dan Cook that she was his worst on-screen kiss.

On December 29, Kate Hudson recently crossed Vanity Fair’s lie detector test where she lifted the veil on all her best kisses between actors.

According to People, Hudson pulled a face when presented with a photo of Dane Cook, who was his co-star in 2008 My best friend’s daughter. Reacting to the photo, she joked with a laugh, “Oh no…no. Canceled!”

Hudson’s response comes eight years after Cook’s comment in an interview on Watch what’s happening live that she was his worst on-screen kiss.

“I think she deliberately ate like an onion feast before our scene,” the comedian said at the time, according to ABC News. “I had to burn it on that one!”

Talking about his kiss with Billy Crudup in almost known, Hudson remarked, “I think Billy is a softer kisser.”

“I wouldn’t say better. Definitely softer. It’s a more sophisticated version of a kiss,” she continued.

When asked to compare Billy’s kiss to Matthew McConaughey’s in How to Lose a Dude in 10 days and fool’s gold, Hudson jokingly replied, “[Billy’s is] like the theater is like Stanislavsky, and [Matthew’s is] like, Longhorns, you know what I mean?”

Hudson’s best on-screen kiss, however, was with Liv Tyler in Dr. T & the Women in 2000.

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