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Karan Johar’s film didn’t even earn 10 lakhs… Kangana’s taunt on Selfie’s flop


Kangana has recently made a tweet in which she has taunted Karan Johar. He wrote that Karan Johar’s film is getting flopped, yet he has no name anywhere.

Karan Johar's film didn't even earn 10 lakhs... Kangana's taunt on Selfie's flop

Bollywood actress Kangana RanautKangana RanautShe is always in discussion about her outspoken statements. At the same time, the actress does not leave any chance to mess with Bollywood as well. Karan Johar’s name comes at the top of this list. Recently he Karan Johar (Karan Johar) has attacked once again. He has attacked Karan Johar’s film Selfie on the tweet. Along with this, a poster of his recent film Selfie has also been shared.

Tweeted on his official Twitter handle, which is becoming increasingly viral. He wrote that Karan Johar’s film didn’t even earn 10 lakhs, but the media people are neither using his name nor the name of his production, I am being told the reason for the flop of the film which I have nothing to do with. Wow brother Karan Johar wow… Kangana has taunted Karan tremendously through this tweet.

see tweet here

Reactions of users on Kangana’s tweet

Actually, Akshay’s film Selfie which is getting flop is being compared to Kangana’s last released film Dhakad. That’s why Kangana has mentioned in her tweet that she has nothing to do with this film, yet her name is being dragged and there is no mention of Karan’s film despite it being a flop. Constant reactions of users are also coming on Kangana’s tweet.

selfie malayalam movie driving license remake

At the same time, after the release of Akshay Kumar’s film, it is now proving to be a flop. Her recently released film with Emraan Hashmi failed to entertain much. Selfie is the Hindi remake of the Malayalam film Driving License. This film was released in the year 2019. After this, Akshay’s recently released remake film is disappointing the audience at the box office.

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