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Kanye West’s wife Bianca had eyes on the rapper 10 years before the wedding?


Kanye West has been making headlines since it was reported that the rapper tied the knot with Bianca Censori in a surprise wedding.

The sun however, reported that the 28-year-old architect has always been a fan of the controversial rapper.

Architect Yeezy and friend Irene Papas launched their brand Nylons Jewelery in 2013 while she was still studying at the University of Melbourne.

As the outlet noted, Bianca dropped a signal of being a Kanye West fan by dedicating a piece of jewelry to her track.

She named the golden Swarovski crystals covered with a nylon mesh bracelet as “Gold Digger Bracelet”.

The bracelet’s name may be an apparent reference to Kanye’s 2005 hit song Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx.

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