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Kanye West dominates LAPD mailbox for past two years: Report

Kanye West dominates LAPD mailbox for past two years: Report

The Los Angeles Police Department has revealed that emails regarding Kanye West and his Donda Academy have flooded their inbox for the past two years.

According to Initiatedthe LAPD records analyst said: “Between January 1, 2022 and November 4, 2022, 19,155 emails mentioned Kanye West or Donda Academy in LAPD employee inboxes and outboxes.

There were so many emails, in fact, that the files were too large for the police logging system to search and export without shrinking them,” the analyst added.

The LAPD asked Initiated to sort the request to help them export and search for records.

“The request resulted in one or more files that exceed the maximum gigabyte our system would allow to export; therefore, we are unable to locate and identify emails that match your request,” said the analyst in an email to Insider.

The outlet asked for any emails containing Donda Academy or Kanye West phrases.

“The emails likely include person-to-person correspondence about the artist as well as alerts that some employees may have set up to notify them of news events or online posts,” the analyst said.

West has recently come under fire for several hateful remarks against Jews, leading many brands to disassociate themselves from him.

Meanwhile, Ye’s private Christian school, The Donda Academy, is also making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Last October, the resignation of then administrator Tamar Andrews was followed by an email to parents at the school saying it had been abruptly closed.

However, a few days later, Insider spotted activity at the school’s secret location on November 2, with students and staff wearing the school’s signature black uniform.

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