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Kanjhawla Case: Urfi Javed targeted BJP leader Chitra Wagh, said – now raise your voice


Urfi Javed On Chitra Wagh: Urfi Javed has expressed his reaction to the heart-wrenching incident in Delhi on New Year and has demanded justice. Urfi has also targeted BJP leader Chitra Wagh regarding this.

Kanjhawla Case: Urfi Javed targeted BJP leader Chitra Wagh, said - now raise your voice

Urfi javed React On Kanjhawla Delhi Murder Case: Staying in the news due to her hot and bold look on social media Urfi Javed Once again in the headlines. Urfi in his Instagram story Kanjhawala Case have mentioned. Urfi has posted a video of the victim girl’s mother and has also targeted the BJP. Urfi, through her post, has become the president of BJP’s Maharashtra Mahila Morcha. Chitra Kishore Wagh counterattacked. Let us tell you that Chitra Kishore Wagh had lodged a complaint with the police on Sunday regarding Urfi’s clothes and demanded action.

Urfi Javed targeted BJP leader Chitra Wagh

Urfi has mentioned the heart-wrenching incident of Delhi in his Insta story. A video of the mother of the deceased girl has been posted in it. Urfi has written- “They drag her under their car for 12 kms, her bones are broken, clothes disappear from the body and the police is calling it an accident. what is this nonsense? Chitra Vaag, one of the accused is associated with your party. I would love for you to raise your voice here.

Urfi Javed Tv9 Bharatvarsh

Urfi Javed Tv9 Bharatvarsh

Chitra Wagh had complained against Urfi

Let us tell you that Urfi Javed is embroiled in controversies because of her clothes. Recently, Chitra Wagh gave information about complaining against Urfi Javed on her Twitter handle. He shared a copy of the letter written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner. In which it was written- “The body exhibition of that Urfi Javed in public places has become a topic of discussion in the society. No one would have imagined such a display of their organs, such display of female organs on the roads in public places of Mumbai tarnishes the Indian culture and civilization. We have nothing to do with what she does in her personal life, but to gain popularity or the actress is showing her body part, if she wants to show her body, then do it in the four walls of the house, but Don’t try to distort the society mentally. I request Mumbai Police to take strict action against him.

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