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Kangana’s 2 year old prediction came true! Punjabi spoke on Khalistanis – clear your intention


For some time everything is not going well in Punjab. Panic has spread across the country since the attack on the police station by Amritpal and his gang. Now Kangana Ranaut has tweeted on this and has reminded of two years old.

Kangana's 2 year old prediction came true!  Punjabi spoke on Khalistanis – clear your intention

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut She takes a stand on everything she says and believes in it completely. The actress has given her reaction on the recent incident in Punjab. After the attack at Ajnal police station in Punjab, panic is being seen across the country. He has said that the prediction made by the actress 2 years ago during the farmer’s protest seems to be proving true now. The actress has done many tweets in this context and has presented her side. Fans are reacting a lot on his tweets.

The actress tweeted on this and said- Amritpal has given a big challenge to the country. If anyone wants to argue with him, he also has logic to prove it. But I am shocked that no one has accepted his challenge. Not even any politician. If any Khalistani claims that he will not kill me and I will not be attacked, then I am ready to accept this challenge.

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In today’s era, there are many such small states where the Chief Ministers are such whose image is just like that of the kings and emperors in earlier times. If anyone does this kind of demonstration and executes such incidents, then it is directly cheating with the innocent people. Whatever is happening in Punjab today, I had predicted it two years back. An arrest warrant was issued against me. When my car was attacked in Punjab. But what I said happened. Now the time has come for Khalistani Sikhs to clear their intentions.

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What did Kangana say?

Let us tell you that ever since the actress has made a comeback on Twitter, she keeps on posting something or the other and keeps her opinion on every issue. 2 years ago, he called the citizens opposing the farmer’s movement as Khalistani. After this there was a lot of ruckus. Many people had criticized Kangana and she had to face trolls. Now recently, on the activities of Amritpal and his group in Punjab, Kangana has reminded of this old thing of hers and has warned the people.

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