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Kangana Ranaut wraps up shooting for Emergency, says ‘put everything at stake for the film’


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has completed the shooting of her upcoming film Emergency. He has shared some pictures from the shooting set of the film. Along with this, he has also shared an emotional post for the fans.

Kangana Ranaut wraps up shooting for Emergency, says 'put everything at stake for the film'

Kangana Ranaut Wrap Shooting Of Emergency: Kangana Ranaut is the bold actress of Bollywood industry and she takes every role as a challenge. The actress is now based on the Emergency from 1975 to 1977. Its title has also been kept as Emergency. Recently, Kangana has finished shooting of this film and shared this information with the fans. Along with this, he has also shared some pictures during the shoots.

In the photos shared by Kangana, she is seen in the look of former Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi. He has also written a long note in the caption along with the pictures in which he has shared his experiences about the film. He wrote- “As an actor, I have completed the shooting of Emergency today. It seems that it all happened so easily but it was not that easy either.

“I put everything at stake for the shooting of this film. Every single thing on which I had ownership rights, everything was put at stake. I fell victim to dengue while shooting for the first schedule of the film. Even with such low blood cell counts, my character as a person was tested all the time.”

I am open about my feelings

“I have always been very vocal about my feelings but I don’t mind those people who want to see me down. Who is ready to do everything to promote the difficulties in my life. I do not share my sorrows with them and do not make them suffer. If you think that only by working hard you can achieve your goal or you will get what you want, then believe me you need to think again on this idea of ​​yours.

“Even if you work hard, your abilities will be assessed again and again. Take care of yourself as long as you can. If you find life full of struggles then you are lucky but if there are no problems in your life then you are blessed. You don’t have to break down, you have to celebrate.”

Many thanks to the team

This is the time for you to be born again. This is a rebirth for me. I feel alive like never before. Many thanks to my team as well, because of which all this was possible. To all those who care about me, I would like to say that now I am in a safe place. You guys don’t worry. All we need is your love and blessings.”

The film will be released in 2023

Please tell that some of Kangana Ranaut’s old films did not earn much and she did not get much support from the audience. During this, he had to face a lot of trolls on social media as well. Now his big film is ready for release. Kangana has high hopes from this film made on political history. The release date of the film has not been revealed yet but there are expectations that the film will be released in the year 2023 itself.

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