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Kai of K-pop group EXO reveals his future goals

He discussed the concept of return as being based on freedom

Kai of K-pop group EXO gave an interview to GQ magazine where he talked about his future goals. He released his new solo album titled Vagabond on March 13 with the tile track of the same name.

He discussed the concept of the comeback as being based on freedom: “…the central theme of the album is to be free from pressure and seek freedom.”

He confessed that he expresses it in the way he wants, not wanting to stick to one genre or preconceived ideas about him: “I make an effort to find what I want to do and what I like. And to do that, I think, is really freedom.

While discussing his future plans, he revealed that he was excited about EXO’s new comeback, but also had personal goals, including, “One of the biggest goals in my life is to live in London for a year. This is my main objective.

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