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K-pop Star IU Talks Upcoming Drama “You Have Done Well”

The idol stunned in the photoshoot and talked about her new show

K-pop icon IU recently gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar magazine where she talked about her new drama and more. The show will be called You did well with actor Park Bo Gum alongside IU.

The author of the series will be the same as that of the hit series Fight for my way I am Sang Choon. This will be IU’s return to the small screen after four years, with her final show being Hotel Del Luna.

She explained why she chose to work on this new drama saying, “I think everyone will think this way once the drama comes out: “Ah, even I might have wanted to take it on myself.” I enjoyed watching writer Im Sang Choon’s previous projects, and [this drama] felt new to me because it has its own unique story. As someone who loves to read and write, I was jealous of the talent of the writer who could make people feel that kind of emotion through simple impressions. The topic itself is good, but I particularly liked the fact that [the drama] conveys a heavy story without being heavy.”

His character in You did well will be a bright and positive person, quite at odds with his fiery character in Del Luna Hotel. IU also commented on the character difference: “Man Wol in ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is definitely an unusual character. However, Ae Soon also has a unique point. Ae Soon seems like someone you can easily find around you, but if you look closer, he’s someone whose individuality as a human stands out. I feel like I’m attracted to that kind of person.

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