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K-pop soloist Jessi gushes over BTS’s J-Hope

The rapper is currently vacationing in Thailand with her mother.

K-pop soloist Jessi gushed over J-hope of K-pop group BTS in a recent Instagram Live. The rapper is currently on vacation in Thailand with her mother, from where she shares photos from her free time.

She held a live session on Instagram, where she revealed that she had listened to the new song of her friend and rapper J-Hope In the street featuring American artist J. Cole:

“Oh my God! I love J-Hope’s new song with J. Cole, it’s literally like a vibe.

Jessi was also invited to listen after the release of her solo album by J-Hope Jack in the box. She then continued to compliment him, adding:

“He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He’s so humble. He’s just always grateful. And I love his music and he’s so talented. My mom loves him too!”

She also encouraged viewers to support the artist: “I support everyone. Well, not everyone, but those I’m close with. I don’t just post random messages…I’m actually really good friends with them. So keep supporting J-Hope. …His new song with J. Cole is a masterpiece, y’all.

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