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K-pop group Winner’s Song Mino officially enlists in the military

He will exercise his service as a civil servant

K-pop group Winner’s Song Mino has started compulsory military service. His agency revealed that he will join the army training center on March 24.

They further added that after receiving basic military training, he will perform his service as a civil servant. Following her enlistment, the idol left a letter to her fans:

“Hello. Our inner circle is Song Mino.

I leave this farewell because I do not think I will be able to greet you often for a little while.

Our Inner Circle, which always gives meaning to my life!

Together with Seung Yoon, Jin Woo, and Seung Hoon, who are like my family and my brothers, I hope you have a good, happy, and healthy every day. Through them I will ask about you and send you my regards.

During the time that we cannot meet, I will be thinking a lot about what kind of positive influence and deeper love I can give more into your lives and come back more matured.

I will greet you again with a cool picture the day I return.

I love you Inner Circle.

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