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K-pop group TXT’s Beomgyu talks about his love for music

He also talked about the band’s latest comeback

Beomgyu of K-pop group TXT recently gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine where he talked about music, his bandmates and his own songs. He also discussed the band’s latest comeback titled The name of the chapter: Temptation.

He explained how music means everything to him, saying, “I really like researching music from before I was born. I’ll remember, ‘I think I heard something like that’, or ‘I think there were lyrics like that’, and if I search, sometimes I’ll find the song. This is how I discovered the music of ABBA and Air Supply. This process is incredibly fun. On the other hand, I also write music and create sounds that don’t exist in the world yet, and that’s also fun.

He went on to admit that he doesn’t listen to TXT songs, “It makes me feel like I have to start practicing our choreography. I still make or listen to music, but I want to separate my work and my rest.

When asked what his main source of joy is these days, he revealed that it’s the other members: “These days, I think it’s the other members. Now that we’ve been together nearly every day for seven years, we sometimes joke that we’ve had enough of each other. But even when we have days off, we still get together and have fun eating and hanging out.

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