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K-pop group Twice’s Chaeyoung reveals the band that inspired their career

She sat down for an interview where she discussed the band that inspired her

K-pop group Twice’s Chaeyoung sat down for an interview with Billboard magazine recently where she discussed the group that inspired her to become an idol. The interview was for the magazine’s Women in Music issue.

Ever since Twice achieved huge success after their debut and became global icons, they were asked which artists inspired them personally. Chaeyoung revealed that the group is none other than JYP Entertainment’s iconic group Wonder Girls. Although they disbanded two years after Twice’s debut, she claimed they had a huge impact on her when she was younger and influenced her career choices:

They were the inspiration behind my development and I became a singer.

The artist also mentioned some Western artists, saying, “I grew up idolizing Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Wonder Girls. Their music and performances made me want to become an artist myself.”

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