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K-pop group Twice fans slam member Jeongyeon’s mistreatment

The band recently released their new mini-album titled ‘Ready To Be’

Fans of K-pop group Twice are criticizing their company JYP Entertainment for the alleged mistreatment of group member Jeongyeon. The band recently released their new mini-album titled Ready to be.

Although the mini-album and its title track Liberate myself was very well received, some fans felt the online cast for Jeongyeon was lacking. Although she was one of the main vocalists of the group, she surprisingly ended up seventh in the online cast.

They also found that the Liberate myself The teaser followed a concept that Jeongyeon had been suggesting to the group for a long time, but she barely got any screen time in the video. They also calculated that the other members received up to 22 seconds of solo screen time in the music video, while Jeongyeon’s was around 5 seconds.

Fans were most aggravated by Free me ARMNHMR remix which did not include any of Jeongyeon’s lines. According Koreaboothey called out JYP Entertainment for being unfair to the singer and demanded they fix it in the future.

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