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K-pop group Stray Kids reaches 300 million views with “Back Door”

This is their second music video to clear this reference

K-pop group Stray Kids has once again surpassed 300 million views with the music video for their popular song Back door on Youtube. The clip reached 300 million on March 13.

This is their second music video to reach this milestone, with their track God’s Menu being the first. They originally released the music video for Back door on September 14, 2020, meaning it took the group about two years and five months to rack up those views.

They recently released their first full Japanese album titled The sound which was very successful. It included Japanese versions of some of their Korean tracks like Case 142, Thunderous And Coldness with brand new tracks as well as The sound, the scars And DLMLU.

They are also currently preparing for their new comeback in Korea.

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