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K-pop group NCT Dream’s staff accused of plagiarism

The show is called “Dream Loop” and was produced in-house

The staff of K-pop group NCT Dream have been accused of plagiarizing content from another group Seventeen’s show. NCT Dream recently released a variety of new content via their Youtube channel.

The show is called dream loop and was produced in-house, where the members wander around looking for clues so they can escape. Although the concept of being stuck in a dream is familiar to the band, Seventeen fans have noticed some similarities between dream loop and an episode of the original Seventeen show Go seventeen.

They released a series a few years ago called Ego and the boys were looking for clues to escape a mental asylum. Some of the similarities were the corpses lying around and a few other props that were placed there to make the environment creepy.

Their outfits and patient charts were also considered similar by fans. According Koreaboofans took to social media to point out all the similarities and called out NCT Dream staff for plagiarizing Seventeen’s concept.

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