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K-pop Group GOT7’s BamBam Reveals Their Three Closest Friends

He revealed that he was very close to soloist Somi

BamBam from K-pop group GOT7 invited Jihyo from Twice as a guest, and he revealed the list of his closest friends. He had her on his variety show called Bam House in the last episode.

The two had a natural chemistry during the episode as they have been friends for a long time and met as trainees when they were 14 years old. The two discussed their long-term friendship, admitting they don’t care how they look when they meet.

While discussing his close friends, he revealed that he was very close to soloist Somi, who was a trainee at the same agency as Jihyo and BamBam, JYP Entertainment. His third friend, besides Jihyo and Somi, is Astro’s Cha Eunwoo.

He revealed that they were so close that: “Every birthday, he’s the first to contact [BamBam].” He also admitted that Jihyo was one of the most constant friends he had in his entire life.

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