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K-pop group Exo’s Suho denies theft allegations

SM threatened to take action against the people spreading the messages

SM Entertainment has denied rumors that Exo member Suho was behind the theft of hundreds of shoes worth around $77,000 from a designer. They also promised to take legal action against the perpetrators of these allegations.

Earlier, a stylist posted an Instagram story where they demanded that a certain idol return their shoes, saying, “Return them all without forgetting any. I’m sick of this. What’s the reason you don’t return them?

Spend your own money to wear the shoes.

They then posted photos of several Nike shoes, revealing that this idol had taken about 300 shoes from them: “In addition to those in the photo, more than 300 pairs of shoes are missing.

Stop pretending you’re a nice person, stop bullshitting, learn to be a human.

Get rid of your mendicant tendencies.

The stylist threatened to reveal the idol’s name if they didn’t return the items. Some netizens have started pointing to Exo’s Suho as the culprit considering his extensive shoe collection. Following the posts, SM Entertainment released a statement:

The posts that are spreading online that point out Suho are completely unfounded in relation to him. The idea of ​​this regarding Suho is misinformation, it has nothing to do with him.

We are preparing to file a lawsuit for defamation by spreading false information through our legal representatives and we will also file a lawsuit for spreading rumors related to this.”

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