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K-pop group BTS’s ‘Life Goes On’ music video hits 500 million views

The clip has crossed 500 million views

The clip of the hit of the K-pop group BTS Life goes on hit the 500 million views mark on February 25 on YouTube. This is officially their 16th music video to clear the mark.

The other clips to cross the 500 million views are Permission to Dance, ON (Kinetic Manifesto Movie: Come Prima), Spring day, DNA, fire, fake love, boy with love, bloody sweat and tears, save me, mic drop (Steve Aoki Remix), IDOL, Dope, Dynamite, Butter And Not today.

BTS originally released the music video for Life goes on on November 20, 2020, meaning it took just over two years for the music video to cross 500 million views.

The track also made headlines a while ago when it crossed 300 million streams on Spotify, becoming their sixth song to clear the mark. Soon after, their song permission to dance did the same.

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