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K-pop group Ateez’s Hongjoong cries over fan’s story

The fan explained that he injured his leg

Hongjoong of K-pop group Ateez cried while listening to a fan’s story while hosting the show Idol Radio. The group has just completed its The Community: Breaking the Wall tour and resumed their usual activities.

One of these activities is hosting the show Idol Radio by members Hongjoong and Yunho. The couple spent time reading messages from their fans, one of which turned out to be quite touching.

The fan explained that they injured their leg and it was their wish to go to the Ateez concert that made them try harder in rehab and work again so they could to walk. They admitted that they consider the group to be saviors for them and their family and that they plan to have fun at one of their concerts.

Hongjoong obviously got emotional after reading the post and expressed his wish to see this fan having fun at their concert soon.

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