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K-pop group Ateez says they hope to perform until they’re old

They have just completed two major world tours

K-pop group Ateez recently gave an interview in Seoul where they discussed how long they would like to continue performing. They have just completed two major world tours.

Wooyoung discussed their long-term goals and the image they want to show to their fans, “As for the goals, it’s about finding a middle ground between what ATINY wants to see and the identity from ATEEZ. Also, since our goal is to be a group that has been promoting for a long time, like senior groups such as Shinhwa, we want to show a lot of good performances and images. We told our fans that we would dance ‘Hala Hala’ even when we became grandfathers, and they liked it.

They also spoke about their feelings regarding their worldwide popularity: “I seem to think that way as the scale of concert halls increases. I am grateful that many people came to the concert to see us. I’m grateful because it’s not an easy task ahead. These days, I want to meet more ATINY.

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