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K-pop artist Chuu explains how she overcomes difficulties

She explained that she’s not the kind of person who dwells on difficulties

Former member of K-pop group Loona, Chuu opened up about his career and his struggles to overcome in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

She explained that she is not the type of person who dwells on difficulties: “I am someone who quickly forgets difficult times. I think unfair situations have no effect on me either. Sure, I feel pain in the moment, but I’m the type to look for ways to get over it rather than being stuck there. Like exercising regularly to shake off negative thoughts or finding new hobbies. If I find and experience things that I want to learn, I think I become desensitized to the things that stress me out.

She was also asked what motivates her so strongly to pursue her dream: “I think I was able to continue doing this job because I like it. Recently, the phrase I heard most often from people around me was “It’s enough to get hurt and give up, but how do you work in a pleasant way without giving up? But working is a pleasure for me. If I sing when I feel like I’m having trouble, I immediately feel happy. As it is something that I enjoy, I was able to work steadily without giving up to get here.

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