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Judge Judy Sheindlin is happy to see Justin Bieber ‘doing well’ in life after criticism

Judge Judy Sheindlin is happy to see Justin Bieber ‘doing well’ in life after criticism

Justin Bieber’s former neighbor, Judge Judy Sheindlin, shared that she was happy to see the singer “do better in life.”

Responding to a question about her former neighbor, Judy said TMZ“I haven’t spoken to Justin but seeing him so well makes her really happy.”

When asked by the outlet if she played a role in “Justin’s turnaround,” Judy replied, “I give him credit for making all the good changes in life.”

Earlier, speaking with Go to HollywoodJudy revealed that the Baby The hit-maker was afraid of her when they were both neighbors at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

“He is afraid of me. There was a period of time before he grew up – when he was stupid and did stupid things,” the 80-year-old said.

In 2014, Judy said, “Being a celebrity is a gift.”

“You can either treat him with respect or make a fool of yourself. And Justin does a really good job of making a fool of himself,” she commented at the time.

Judy remarked, “I think it’s sad. And no one will remember that he was a marginal singer.

“But they’re going to remember a kid who was lucky enough to have it all and ruined it by acting like a jerk,” Judy said.

Following these declarations, Justin would have asked the staff of the hotel to “alert him on the movement of the lawyer”.

However, the love yourself the singer’s life changed after his arrest. On the seventh anniversary of his arrest, the crooner penned a lengthy social media post in January 2021, saying “God helped him” at the time.

Meanwhile, Justin is currently taking a break from touring to focus on recovering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome.

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