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Jonnie Irwin wants to keep his illness a secret from children: ‘Why break hearts’

Jonnie Irwin wants to keep his illness a secret from children: ‘Why break hearts’

A Place In The Sun’s Jonnie Irwin still wants to keep his illness a secret from his children, adding that it could be his last Christmas.

Jonnie, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020, recently shared the tragic news that his cancer is terminal.

He married Jessica Holmes in 2016 and the couple share children Rex, four, and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac.

The presenter has made up his mind and said he will not tell his children about his terminal illness.

“Why break their hearts when they’re having so much fun?” explains the couple.

“If you have 20 days left, why spend them in mourning and confusion?

“Why not just have 15 days of pure and blissful ignorance and five days of knowing the facts?”

Jonnie will tell the eldest about his illness sooner or later, but the couple are “still thinking about it”.

He said MailOnline“I’m not looking forward to talking to Rex. We’re still thinking about it. I’ve learned that it’s best not to do anything if you’re not sure.”

Jonnie was filming in Italy when he first noticed something was wrong with his health.

In August 2020, he suddenly had problems with blurred vision while driving – later tests confirming he had developed lung cancer, which had spread to his brain.

He publicly shared his diagnosis last month, after being told by doctors how his stage four lung cancer had spread to his brain and left him with just months to live.

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