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‘John Wick’ Director Spills Beans on Post-Credits Scene

‘John Wick’ Director Spills Beans on Post-Credits Scene

John Wick Filmmaker Chad Stahelski weighed in on the film’s post-credits scene.

“I would love for them to continue,” he added. “You should ask Keanu [about] his thoughts, but, for me, I love the idea,” the director said. EO.

The director adds: “We had versions of this scene that we put in the film, before the credits, but we weren’t sure if it was the right direction. I like not knowing if Akira actually did something. or not. .

What choice did she make after this cut? I like Akira’s character and I like Caine’s character, so maybe it’s her transformation into what John Wick had become – or maybe she’s doing the morally right thing and not doing the next step. But they’re two characters I’d like to see again, personally.”

It is relevant to mention here Keanu Reeves with John Wick the first three installments of the franchise had no post-credits sequence.

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