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Jimmy Kimmel writes a monologue mocking Will Smith’s slapgate

Jimmy Kimmel writes a monologue mocking Will Smith’s slapgate

Jimmy Kimmel just fired back at the moment of last year’s Oscars slap in the face.

The host began by addressing the need for “safety” and “security” at the event, and sneaked a sneaky jibe at Smith in the process.

“We know this is a special night for you. We want you to have fun. We want you to feel safe…and most importantly, we want me to feel safe,” he said. declared.

“So we have strict policies in place: If anyone in this theater commits an act of violence at any point during this show, you will receive the Best Actor Oscar and be allowed to give a 19-minute speech. .”

He also referenced the decision not to reprimand Smith for his actions as well and said: “If anything unpredictable or violent happens during this ceremony, just do what you did last year – nothing. .”

“Sit there and do absolutely nothing. Maybe even give the abuser a hug,” he added.

“And if one of you gets mad at a joke and decides to come over here and have fun with it, it’s not going to be easy. There are a few of my friends that you’re going to have to get ahead of.

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