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Jeremy Renner’s 911 call released from snowplow accident: ‘He got run over’

Jeremy Renner’s 911 call released from snowplow accident: ‘He got run over’

The emergency appeal made following Jeremy Renner’s horrific snowplow accident was posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 by TMZ.

In the audio clip, Renner’s painful moans can be heard in the background as the neighbor desperately urges the dispatcher to send help as soon as possible, via Page 6.

“Someone is in front of my house, he got knocked down by a snowplough. He got crushed,” the neighbor said over Renner’s moan.

“He got crushed on the right side,” continued the individual, observing the injuries of the actor. “His right chest and upper torso, his ribs, look like they could be crushed. He also has a head injury.

The neighbor added that Renner was “out of breath” and “in a lot of pain” at the time of the call, but was “conscious”.

The caller then noted that Renner appeared to be “slowly falling asleep” while waiting for medics to arrive. “We covered him with blankets,” the neighbor said. “His head is covered.”

Renner, who celebrated his 52nd birthday in hospital on January 7, 2023, was admitted to hospital on New Year’s Day following a tragic incident involving a PistenBully, weighing at least 14,330.

The call was made public a day after the Marvel actor revealed he was now recovering from his injuries at home. Renner seemed in good spirits as he responded to a tweet about the second season premiere of Mayor of Kingstown series.

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