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Jennifer Lopez was originally at the 2003 VMAs with Madonna, Britney Spears

Jennifer Lopez was originally at the 2003 VMAs with Madonna, Britney Spears

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she was originally scheduled to perform at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

In a new interview with E ! Newsahead of the January 27 streaming release of shotgun weddinghis upcoming Prime Video movie starring Josh Duhamel, J Lo has confirmed the rumors.

“Yes, that’s actually true,” said the jenny from the block crooner claimed when the outlet asked about the rumor. “I didn’t end up doing it, but yeah, we had talked about it,” she added. “I love Madonna, I’m a huge fan, always have been.”

She detailed: “I was shooting a movie in Canada, and we had met – me, her and Britney – to do it at her house, and then I just couldn’t leave the movie,” Lopez, 53, said. . . “So we couldn’t do it.”

The Marry me The acting spot was filled by Christina Aguilera, who was also a budding star at the time.

At the 2003 VMAs, Madonna opened the show alongside Spears, 41, and Aguilera, 42, with a medley of like a virgin, Hollywood and work it with special guest Missy Elliott, via People’s Magazine.

Spears came out of a wedding cake dressed as a bride and sang like a virgin — paid tribute to Madonna’s 1984 act, where she did the same.

Before launching into the final song, the Madonna leaned down to kiss each of the then budding pop princesses. Aguilera’s kiss with Madge, however, is often overlooked, as MTV quickly cut Justin Timberlake to capture his reaction to ex-girlfriend Spears’ kiss with Madonna.

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