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Jennifer Lopez roasted on claims she almost performed at 2003 VMAs: ‘Nothing but a lie’

Jennifer Lopez roasted on claims she almost performed at 2003 VMAs: ‘Nothing but a lie’

Jennifer Lopez received heat after claiming she was supposed to perform alongside Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

In a recent interview with E ! Newsthem Marry me The star revealed she couldn’t do the gig because she was shooting a movie in Canada.

Lopez’s statement did not go down well with her fans who criticized her for making up the story as she was not that famous at the time of the awards show.

“Idc if this is true it makes no sense from the narrative at the time,” a fan wrote according to OKAY! Magazine. “Britney and Xtina were pop rivals and Madonna was the queen of pop they kept pushing on Britney.”

“Madonna/Brit and anyone else would have been anything,” the user added as one noted, “Well it made more sense for it to be XTINA and Britney because that these 2 have more influence from Madonna in their music and were THE pop girls at the time.”

Some social media users weren’t impressed with her claim as they accused her of lying, writing, “She’s just lying.”

“I feel like she just made this up. No shade…..” one wrote while another comment read, “I swear to God all this what she’s doing is lying.”

However, Lopez’s story was actually true, as MTV President Van Toffler previously confirmed the story in 2012.

“It was a long road to get to that kiss between Britney and Christina, because they weren’t necessarily the first to be blacklisted,” he said. Weekly entertainment.

“It may be the first time it’s been revealed, but originally J.Lo was in the mix. It didn’t happen.

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