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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding ceremony was inspired by ‘mindfulness, meditation’


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding ceremony was initiated through a ‘mindfulness practice’, their wedding officiant Jay Shetty has revealed.

In an interview with Telegraph magazinethe podcaster and lifestyle guru reflected on the “most surreal experiences” of his “entire life”.

He explained how meditation and reflection were at the heart of the lovebirds’ Georgia wedding which happened almost a month after they were legally wed in Las Vegas in July 2022.

Shetty said: “The ceremony was inspired by mindfulness and meditation. It started with a mindfulness practice, to help everyone be truly present and bring their best energy to the space, to really celebrate love.”

The Think like a monk the author shared that he spent “weeks” preparing for the nuptials trying to really “understand” J.Lo and Affleck.

“My approach was to really listen to the couple, to really understand what they want, what energy they want, to really understand their story,” he added.

“I mean through them, with them. In a deep and personal way. I see myself in some way connected to anyone [I’m officiating]“, continued Shetty.

“For me, it’s usually weeks of meditation and preparation, not just for what I’m going to say, but for the space I’m going to hold within myself.”

Previously, the former monk told entertainment tonight that leading the ceremony for one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples was an “honour.”

“It was absolutely stunning,” he told the outlet. “And I’ll let them share more. But it was really special – it’s beautiful to celebrate love.”

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