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Jennifer Coolidge Raves About ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Co-Star Jennifer Lopez: “She’s Lovely”

Jennifer Coolidge Raves About ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Co-Star Jennifer Lopez: “She’s Lovely”

Jennifer Coolidge praised her “charming” co-star Jennifer Lopez in the latest film Shotgun wedding.

The Revenge of a Blonde The star explained why she signed on to the romantic action-comedy during a global press conference, according to eTimes.

“I really liked that the stakes were incredibly high in the story. It was like one of those scripts where you read and you’re like, ‘This really makes me laugh,'” she said .

“I just remember reading the dialogue between Darcy and Tom, the two leads, and I just thought it was hilarious like death was approaching every two seconds and yet they had this kind of hilarious dialogue. “

Speaking of her gorgeous co-star in the film, Coolidge exclaimed, “Jennifer is beyond likable. She’s charming and also very attractive and, you know, she’s really ripe for the role.”

Coolidge, who plays J.Lo’s future mother-in-law in the film, added, “I mean, she’s so fascinating when we’re filming.”

“The combination of her and the beautiful sex bomb and then Josh Duhamel, the combo of those two is really something.

“We all live together in one place for the entire duration of the movie and it’s the biggest group of people and they really make it a fun experience.”

Director Jason Moore shotgun wedding is set to debut on Amazon Prime on January 27.

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