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Jennifer Aniston Says “Sorry” to Adam Sandler: Here’s Why

Jennifer Aniston Says “Sorry” to Adam Sandler: Here’s Why

Jennifer Aniston recently opened up about her 30-year friendship with Adam Sandler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon March 21th.

Jennifer, who is currently busy promoting her new comedy film Murder Mystery 2 with Adam revealed that her friend and co-star never takes care of her own well-being and therefore, she “enjoys” taking care of him.

“He’s so concerned about taking care of everyone else, which he really does, but he doesn’t take care of himself,” said the Friends star.

The actress clarified that she “makes him smoothies” and “gives him all kinds of Chinese herbs when he’s exhausted.”

Jennifer said: “I’m sorry to call you on national television, but you need to know this.”

When Jimmy asked if she had ever received advice from Adam; to that she replied,” he asks me, “what am I doing? especially when I’m dating someone.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s new movie Murder Mystery 2 will be available to stream on Netflix starting March 31.

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