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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox ate the same salad for a decade on ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox ate the same salad for a decade on ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston has responded to viral videos of her Friends “famous salad” and given fans a taste of what she really ate while filming the long-running sitcom.

Aniston, who recently made several media appearances while promoting her new movie Murder Mystery 2, shared what she and her former co-star and close friend Courteney Cox ate while filming Friends.

Speaking to Capital FM this week, the Morning Show actress described their must-have sandwiches and salads and debunked a false rumor on social media about her “famous salad”.

Aniston said: “On the set of Friends, I ate a cobb salad. I’m trying to remember [what was in it]pecorino, turkey bacon, chicken and chickpeas.

Responding to last year’s viral TikTok video, the Just go the actress said, “That’s not true, not my salad. I don’t know where it comes from. It looks good, but it’s not mine.

Aniston then shared that Cox liked to eat between breaks. “She will make a sandwich and she will put mayonnaise, mustard, cheese, chicken slices and Fritos. And then she rolls everything.

Aniston played the iconic Rachel Green while Cox portrayed Monica Geller on the hit sitcom.

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