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Jennie of K-pop group Blackpink shows her seriousness as a mentor

The last episode showed the evaluation of the first subgroup

Jennie of K-pop group Blackpink acts as a mentor for her agency YG Entertainment’s new group Baby Monster. In the most recent episode of their final evaluation, she showed just how serious she can get as a mentor.

The latest episode showed the evaluation of the first subgroup which included members Ruka, Pharita, and Ahyeon and also revealed the song choice for Team B. The first group performed Gone by Blackpink member Rosé.

It was then decided that Group B would perform the Blackpink track. Stay. After monitoring their performance, Jennie complimented their performance but then got more serious asking if they thought they were performing for her.

She pointed out that the girls spent most of the performance staring at the mirror and not her: “If you don’t sing like you really deliver to the listener, no matter how good you are, I won’t be. not touched. by singing. It was something that I would have liked [had] do better. If you do this in real life, the attention will shift to someone else because the performer isn’t paying attention to the listener.

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