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Jazz Jennings is ready for a mighty adult journey

Jazz Jennings is ready for a mighty adult journey

Jazz Jennings is seen embracing adulthood in an exclusive preview of the show’s Season 8 premiere I am jazz which shows her clashing with her mother Jeannette, as reported People.

Jazz returns to Harvard University for her second year in the show’s new season and she’s shown dating for the first time in years, adamant about asserting her independence.

Jeannette asks Jazz, “Just keep in touch. Dad and I are worried.” To which Jazz replies, “You can’t worry every time I’m not with you. … When will the day come when you won’t follow me on my phone anymore? Or will you still follow me?”

Jazz said of coming of age, “I would say the hardest part [of growing up] it’s just kind of leaning into the things mom used to do for me and now I have to do for myself.”

Jazz shared that the new season of I am jazz will showcase his transition from childhood to adulthood.

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