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Javed Akhtar said on the statement about Pakistan- ‘I won World War 3, but…’


Javed Akhtar: After the statement made by lyricist Javed Akhtar after going to Pakistan, everyone is praising him. Although Javed Akhtar has always kept his views without any hesitation, but now Javed Akhtar’s reaction has come on this whole controversy.

Javed Akhtar said on the statement about Pakistan- 'I won World War 3, but...'

Javed Akhtar on Pakistan Terrorism: Ever since the time when lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar has given a statement about Pakistan, this matter has been in headlines continuously. In Pakistan, when Javed Akhtar was giving a statement on 26/11 Mumbai attack, people were clapping there. Now many celebrities and common people of Pakistan are condemning it. Now the reaction of Javed Akhtar has also come to the fore on this matter. Javed Saheb, who reached an event, said that his statement would become ‘so big’, even he did not know. Yes, it is definitely that he had to say things clearly after going there and he did.

Javed Akhtar further said that I have never shied away from saying my point clearly. Although this matter has become very big. Now I am getting embarrassed. I think nothing more needs to be said about this now. On returning to India, I felt as if I had won World War 3. There were so many reactions from the media that I had to switch off my phone. I thought what arrow did I shoot? I wanted to say these things. should we keep quiet? No.

Javed Akhtar further said that I am now coming to know that my statement has created panic in Pakistan. Although now the people there are abusing me. People are wondering why I was given a visa? Javed Akhtar said that I will remember what kind of country it is. Where I was born, I have been giving controversial statements. I will die here too. When I am not living here in fear, then why should I be afraid of things there?

In fact, on Friday, Javed Akhtar attended the Faiz Festival in Pakistan and condemned the Mumbai attack and said that the people who carried out this attack are still roaming in your country, so this complaint is in the heart of every Indian. So, you should not feel bad. Javed Akhtar said that the way our country welcomes artists from Pakistan, Indian artists are not welcomed in Pakistan in the same way.

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