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Jason Lee found Rihanna’s ‘cutest’ baby boy after meeting on facetime


Jason Lee has shared his feelings for his friend Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s grandson the time he confronted his friend.

On Sunday, Jan. 8, Jason Lee shared details of his face-off with his friend Rihanna, at the Jason Lee Show premiere party at Eden in Hollywood, Calif., according to People.

“The day she sent me the pictures, she FaceTimed and let me see the baby. And he was rocking on the bed, holding his feet, and he had no idea he was literally going to be cutest, richest, most fashionable, most sought-after child in the world.”

“He didn’t care, but that’s because he has two amazing parents,” he added.

Rihanna shared the first baby boy look with A$AP Rocky, born in 2022, on December 17 on TikTok.

Jason Lee found Rihanna's cutest baby boy after meeting on facetime
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