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Jason Gardiner makes a SHOCKING revelation about his biological mother

Jason Gardiner makes a SHOCKING revelation about his biological mother

Jason Gardiner has made a shocking revelation about his life by revealing he was conceived after his birth mother was raped at age 13.

The former Dancing On Ice judge, 51, was adopted at six months old by his aunt, but only found out the truth about his parentage as an adult.

He explained that his adoptive mother flew from Australia to London when he was 30 to tell him the shocking truth.

Speaking on Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast, Jason recalled: “I was in Cats at the time in the West End, so I was exhausted, and my mum suddenly gets up and says, ‘ Alright, we need to talk about your adoption.”

“And I was like, ‘What caused all this?

“And that’s when she started telling me the shocking truth that she really was my aunt and her younger sister is my birth mother, but she was raped at 13.”

Jason has gotten candid about his relationship with his birth mother in the present day, admitting, “It’s strained.

“I think I have to remind her of this incident so much that she suffered a lot of trauma.

“The only photo I have as a newborn is of her at 14 holding me after she just had me.

“And the look of terror on his face says it all. I mean, it’s heartbreaking.

He reflected, “You know, that’s not a way you want to come into the world, but I have to come to terms with it and I think I did.”

The revelation comes after Jason claimed he’s been through “very dark times” since being kicked out of Dancing On Ice.

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