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Jana Kramer Breaks ‘Terror’ Over Mixing Families: ‘And My Children’

Jana Kramer Breaks ‘Terror’ Over Mixing Families: ‘And My Children’

Jana Kramer just opened up about her lingering terror of having to “mix” her family with her boyfriend.

Kramer explained it all during his interview on the iHeartRadio podcast, Complain.

There, she began by saying, “I’ve done a really good job of not introducing the kids to people. And obviously they haven’t met the new boyfriend. That said, the boyfriend and I are talking about future things.

“And in my mind, I’m like, this makes me excited and it also scares me for – you never know, right? And with the kids, I don’t want them to be in a place where their ground isn’t as stable as possible. How I want them to be so secure, a solid foundation, and I’m responsible for that.

“Of course, I want to believe in this real love. There’s this side of me, a side of me is like ‘the love of my life, I’m so excited. I’m going to get married and I’m going to start a family. There is this piece.

“And the other side is ‘Jana be real, things happen. It can happen again, oh my. And so those doubts and fears kind of seeped in.

“And then always my worry – I don’t care about myself, my heart has been broken a million times, I can face another broken heart – my children, that’s another story. They are older now, they understand better now.

During the interview, she also noted the age ranges of her boyfriends’ kids and said, “That’s another thing too, because I’m like, ‘Are you sure what for? do you register? You walk into a 4 year old and a 7 year old, this is my world.

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